Gun Control Act Of 1934 Essay

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Guns have been known to be around since 1364. Twenty years later hand guns are confirmed to be across Europe. Guns have been on this planet for a long time and only certain times they are used for good or bad reasons. Guns are everywhere through real life guns, the topic is on television and, they are in movies and video games. Guns can influence anyone to do an action that may cause harm for different reasons. Recently there have been many debates on gun control and whether or not there should be more restrictions on guns. This issue has been a conflict since around 1930. The Federal Government placed one of the beginning gun control law called National Firearms Act of 1934. This act was meant to stop gun violence with gangs across America. Guns can affect gun control regulations the government places on us, the rights we receive when having a gun, and how one can change another human’s life in a matter of seconds. Many articles and texts have given the different reason for gun control and the rights to have a possession of a gun. In the article “Gun control and Gun Rights” from U.S. News, the author describes that both groups have been going after congress to pass a law that will stand on national, local, and state level that would be in favor of their side. Even though the author is not stated in this article it can still be a credible source in that it doesn’t have a bias towards one side and gives the reader more article too finally choose as a person what defends…

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