Essay on Gun Control A Societal Necessity

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Gun Control a Societal Necessity

Thirty-two students, faculty, and staff killed at Virginia Tech. Twenty-seven people, including 20 elementary schoolchildren killed in Newtown, Connecticut. Nine people killed during a prayer service at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Four Marines and one Navy petty officer shot and killed at armed forces recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (Berkowitz, Gamio, Lu, Lindeman, & Uhrmacher, 2016). These are the headline stories that make the news about gun violence. There are so many other stories don’t make the headlines of people 's loved one who have either been gunned down or accidently killed with firearms. All these people are someone 's husband or wife, daughter or son, father or mother, brother or sister. They leave family behind struggling to understand their senseless deaths. Stricter common sense gun control laws are needed to reduce gun violence and deaths as well as improve society as a whole. Those opposed to strict gun control hear the call for stricter laws and are ready to cry 2nd Amendment infringement. That is by no means what is proposed here. Adopting common sense gun control laws does not mean taking away any law-abiding citizens ' rights to own a gun. It means introducing ways to keep everyone safe. The rights and safety of all Americans, those who choose not to own a gun must be protected, as well as those who decide to own guns. The amount of deaths caused by firearms is a public safety issue. America…

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