Gun Control : A Mental Health Issue Essay

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Gun Control, a Mental Health Issue in America Gun control lately has rapidly become an even further controversial topic in America due to violent acts against the public by troubled individuals. “In the United States, popular and political discourse frequently focuses on the causal impact of mental illness in the aftermath of mass shootings” (Metzl and MacLeish sec.1). Not to mention the impact these situations have on the society, this issue, unfortunately remains so overlooked, that media sources only offer it attention after a tragedy. In America there are numerous groups of people consisting of various opinions on mental illnesses in regards to gun related violence, and in short, the two main opinions are one; no mentally stable person decides to harm people solely due to the fact that they can obtain a weapon easily, meaning that those who kill must have a mental illness of some degree; and two, that individuals who suffer from a mental illness are practically never violent, especially to other people. Nonetheless, there is a serious mental health issue in this country that has gone unaddressed for far too long.
Mental illness stands as an extremely serious problem in America, and whether or not these illnesses lead to violent actions, America needs to take action and provide proper attention and care to the individuals who suffer from a mental illness. “The core concepts of mental health identified are mainly individual and functional, [in terms of] the ability or…

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