Gun Ban Essay

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America is a very passionate about our rights. Our Constitution created the Bill of Rights in order to give the people more power. Many Americans would find it shocking that there is some debate on how to read this amendment. America’s founding father intentionally used some ambiguous language because they knew that these laws may change (Freitag, personal communication). Spizer (201) claimed the second amendment is popularly misread as quoted by Robert A. Rutherland “(along with the Third, having to do with the quartering of troops in private homes) have become “obsolete.” Spizer continues by quoting Gary Wills, a well-known historian, “Bear arms refers to military service…history, and logic furnish no solid basis for thinking the second amendment had anything to do with private ownership. The gun original frame workers did not foresee that we would have neighborhood violence, mass shootings …show more content…
Knoll and Pies (2016) research said that “our cultural heritage is filled with stories linking guns with heroism, freedom, and taming the wild frontier.” Research says our culture is a reason why a gun ban will not work. While a gun ban has worked in other nations, other nations do not have the same history as America does. It would be ethnocentric and arrogant to think just because it has worked in other countries, of which have a different culture, that it would work in America. Blocher (2013) from The Yale Law Journal found that America’s culture usually celebrates the ownership of guns. One would not find that surprising after Krause, 2007 & Gun policy, 2015 shared that approximately 300 million people in the united states own at least one firearm. “For members of the gun culture, the possession, handling, and use of guns are a central part of life…Families, particularly fathers and sons have often bonded this way and has been seen as a “right to manhood” (Blocher,

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