Essay about Gun Are Misused And Abused Online

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Guns these days are over exaggerated and are played out to be a threat to society. With all the new technology being built lately, everyone 's attention has moved towards buying that new phone or checking your status. With all this new technology, there has been some issues that come with it. Guns are misused and abused online currently. As the young population views this material, the generation is heavily affected by the neglect. In result, the kids do not know how to properly use or treat a firearm. Guns are a big influence in many people 's lives everyday, and we shouldn 't just treat these weapons like toys. Children should be taught how to handle a firearm to prevent any future deaths. One of the main uses for these weapons is the advancement of defense. Other uses might be hunting, and target shooting for competition. ¨Guns have been a big part of the American history¨ (Proquest). With these many weapons, we have fought for freedom, land, and even rights. The Revolutionary War would have been very different if the settlers did not have firearms. Americans would be asking for crumpets and have a craving for a good sip of tea. But, the defensive use of these weapons provided the settlers with a new home and free from foreign rule. It proves that guns have heavily impacted the U.S.´ defense throughout history. As a nation we need to be prepared for a dire situation that can harm yourself and others (Huemer 48). No-one wants to come home and see a burglar in the act, or…

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