Blogging Family Research Paper

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Greetings blogging family!
It has been quite some time since the last time I posted a blog. It wasn’t because I did not have anything to say, it was because I did not know how to say. Over the past eight months I became lost. So lost in fact, that I did not believe I would find my way back. About nine months ago I was going through a rough patch. It seemed that everything I tried to do failed. It seemed the more I tried the harder I failed. I have never been one to fail, and fail miserably. Life had dealt me a hand that I was not prepared for. In order to remedy this since of failure, I tried reading self-help books, meditation, and journaling. I continued with my prayer, church, and tithing hoping that God would make a way. I did all of this
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We go through things in life that can make or break us. In these times we either turn to our faith, or pray our way; or, we turn to ourselves and worry our way out. In the beginning I turned to the former. I said that I would pray my way through it, and for a little while I did. However, when God did not answer my prayer in the timely fashion that I thought he should, I grew impatient. Then I decided that I would turn to my own understanding and work my way through it. This was the biggest mistake that I could have made. I stopped praying, and though I still went to church, I always felt a sense of emptiness. I was experiencing this rough patch in life, and I felt I had no one to turn to. I was in a spiritual comma. I knew that I was not spiritually dead. I still believed and had faith in God, however I was not able to exercise that faith. I was able to hear about God working. However, I was not able to see him work or feel him working. Many say that when someone is in a comma they can hear, even though they cannot see or even feel. I spent about three months in that spiritual comma, until one day, as Iyanla Vanzant would say, my soul just opened …show more content…
God knew I had been faithfully, and he was simply preparing me for the blessings he had in store for me. I had to be stretched and strengthened. God has already blessed me abundantly, and I became complacent with receiving those blessings. He now wants to elevate me, and I have to be ready for all of the blessing that await me. When I realized this, I felt like I had lost a million pounds that had been weighing me down. This relieve was me awakening from my spiritual comma. I no longer had to carry around the dead weight of my spirit. It was indeed alive and well. After, I came to conclusion, it still wasn’t easy. I had to relearn how to pray, and pray effectively. I had to start mediating again. I had to exercise my faith, and know that god has a plan for me, and trust in that plan. Everyday has not been easy, there are somedays that I lose my way, and I think God has forgotten about me. There are other days where I am spiritually lazy, and I do not want to put in the work. However, in those times I turn to my tool of prayer, and pray until I feel a

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