Gulf Arab Audience Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… You have included 1 generally meaningful example in support of your explanation. Your description and evidence suggests good understanding of the dimensions of the model. (6.9 – 6) Your explanation of the dominant cultural make up of the Gulf Arab audience is satisfactory. The example you have used to support your explanation is satisfactorily relevant. (5.9 – 0) The explanation of the dominant cultural make up of the Gulf Arab Audience is not satisfactory. You lack understanding of the model and/or fail to provide a relevant example in support of your explanation.

Cultural make up Gulf Arab audience
10 marks

You have clearly and meaningfully explained the dominant cultural make up of the Gulf Arab audience in a comprehensive manner, evidencing in depth understanding of the dimensions. You have included 1 comprehensive and meaningful example in support of your explanation. You have referenced a scholarly source to support your description. (10 – 8.5) You have presented a detailed, comprehensive screen play of the video. You have included and described all the elements in the video.

(8.4 – 7) You have presented a good screen play of the video, capturing and describing most of the elements in the video that are related to communication.

(6.9 – 6) You have presented a satisfactory screen play, capturing the verbal communication and some other basic communication elements of the
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Collectivism, Neutral vs. Affective, Universalism vs. Particularism and Achievement vs. Ascription. Support your explanation with 1 meaningful example for each of the 4 dimensions. Write the screen play of your video that presents all the verbal and relevant non verbal communication that is being used. (spoken word and description of the text, imagery, audio, colours, etc.) Explain how and why the elements of your screen play connect with the Gulf Arab audience based on the dimensions of: - Individualism vs. Collectivism - Neutral vs. Affective - Universalism vs. Particularism - Achievement vs. Ascription Appropriate Language and Layout Presentation guidelines Use appropriate language (5 C’s) and layout to address the target audience for this report. Use the Bahrain Polytechnic style guide to format your paper. Include a short introduction and a short conclusion to this report based on the scenario presented at the beginning of this assessment. Use up-to-date APA referencing style. 10 10 Marks 5 5 5

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