Which Type Of Guitar Is Best For Beginners

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Goal: Write a buyer’s guide for getting the first guitar.
Title: Which Type of Guitar Is Best for Beginners?
Since the 11th century, people all over the world have been playing stringed instruments similar to the guitar, and it has become an integral part of the uncountable musical tradition for generations. The guitar is one of the best and most popular music instruments you will ever find in the world. Singing and playing the guitar predates the European Renaissance by several centuries, and as a portable music, it is simply matchless. While the look and function of the guitar have undergone facelifts and alterations
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Acoustic Electric Guitar
Acoustic electric guitars are the special kind of popular, versatile guitar where you may feel both the test of an acoustic and an electric guitar. This type of guitar also might be called as electro acoustic guitar. These are the special features of an acoustic-electric guitar:
• Pickup installed in the bridge (inside the body)
• Usually, they have a slightly thinner sound than an acoustic guitar

Pros Cons
Can be played with or without any amplifier, mixer or recording equipment More expensive than an acoustic guitar
Most suited for any environment & live performance Might have problems with the electronics & make the sound terrible
Easy to plug in like an electric guitar Usually, they need batteries
Can be played louder and produce better electronic effects than a regular acoustic connecting an amp Quality of sound might be slightly less when playing unplugged
Offers more in-depth systems and functionality
Might have pre-amplifier

5. Bass Guitar
A bass guitar is another special guitar you would love to know about. Here are its special features:
• They have a long neck
• They have thicker strings to enhance bass sound
• Mostly they have 4-6

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