Guidelines For Improving And Optimize Their Performance Essay example

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Before starting her morning jog, Melissa makes sure activate RunKeeper in her iPhone. The app will, undetectable, record a plethora of data –from speed and heart rate to location and elevation- that will then be automatically uploaded onto a website where Melissa stores her personal information. Back at home, when Melissa logs in, she can see that her times have been steady for the last month, that she was slower than usual in the last climb and that she still ranks first amongst her friends for most miles in October. Like Melissa, many self-trackers seek to objectify their existential realities. . Users demonstrated a variety of reasons: some seek to improve and optimize their performance (eg. sports), others aim to maintain a particular state (eg. low blood sugar, positive outlook.), or accomplish a goal (lose weight, write a book, etc.) while some even use it to dispose of certain habits (eg. quit smoking, drinking, procrastinating.) . They seek to discover. They seek to experience. They seek to know. Reflexive, these activities are however not always synonymous with self-knowledge or increased capacity for action, reflecting mainly a tendency to regard the "self" as an absolute value and an autonomous entity. In other words, they sometimes just seek to say so. The technologization of even the most common practices in our life has allowed the practices of self-tracking, self-production and self-disclosure to intensify and expand its presence. This close monitoring of…

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