Guideline Of Town Of Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan

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By applying the GIS spatial analyst, the results show that the Mill area has a high level of accessibility and connectivity (See Figure 16&17). More buses are served along Main Street and more local roads are connected to the Mill area. It is convenient for people to get access to the Mill.

The design elements discussion refers to a limited reference and mainly focuses on the related works that are widely known. The outcome of the analysis is the basic result to be appropriate for a general case. For a more specific case, further and broader research is suggested to gather comprehensive information.
According to the analysis above, an attractive square should have high imageability, a high sense of enclosure, high walkability
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● The site parking can be used for Mill Square proposal.
● Spring Street can be temporary closed for events.
● Existing private property on Spring Street can be reused for public events.

It is recommended to preserve the Williamsville Water Mill by introducing a Mill Square and integrate the Mill, and Mill Square with Glen Park into a greater public realm (See Figure 18).
Transforming the Function
With the Mill building as the landmark located on the north east top area, the Mill square would replace the existing parking lot, and involve the area in front of Water Mill and East Spring Street as part of the square for events. East Spring Street will be paved with red bricks to encourage pedestrian use and can be temporary closed for events. Glen Park is the extension of the square. To enclose the square, a high density of trees should be planted along all sides of the proposed Mill Square.
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When completed, the street should be able to be closed for pedestrian use for special event. This action is incorporated with the Picture Main Street Project imitated by Village of Williamsville. The streetscape improvement action includes the reconfiguration of street pavement, introducing rain garden, planting street trees and settling benches and pedestrian-scale lights. To accommodate the traffic driving through the East Spring Street and move the parking lot to on-street parking, a special service road will be introduced, which is surrounding the south and west sides of proposed Mill Square. This new road is incorporated with East Spring Street increase accessibility for people who arrive to the site by car, biking or

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