Guided Imagery Essay

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Mind/Body Connection Technique of Guided Imagery Guided imagery is as old as psychotherapy itself. However, as a relatively new approach in the United States, guided imagery is experiencing a real wave of respect and is part of the cutting-edge process in the new mind/body medical procedures. There are many names for this process: visualization, mental imagery, guided affective imagery, active imagination, and interactive guided imagery.
For the first time in history, Western-styled allopathic medicine is embracing alternative healing methods, such as yoga, meditation, and guided imagery. Major universities and hospital centers are combining imagery with traditional healing practices as a major tool in healing catastrophic illness,
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By seeing his or her mother as an animal, the client is able to describe the animal as seen in the moment, rather than describe the actual mother. In imagery, the unconscious mind gives us subtle information we may otherwise avoid. And there is less guilt for the client, because the imagery is "what I saw, not what I decided to see." The value of imagery is that it can diagnose a problem, provide options for change, and even promote healing and personal empowerment. Its primary purpose is to allow the body to relax, healing the physical and emotional aspects of self. Any new insights gained during an imagery experience are an added bonus to personal growth.
The next step in the process of guided imagery is to allow unresolved anger, conflict, and fear, which may be deeply buried in the unconscious, to emerge into the light of conscious awareness. Once seen clearly, these issues can be easily understood and related to more appropriately. This kind of imagery has been successfully used in healing cancer and other illnesses; for controlling pain; for relieving the emotional trauma of war, incest, or abuse; for overcoming phobias; for controlling habits such as addictions; and for basic understanding of the self. The technique is a powerful, fun, amazing form of

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