Guest Speaker Dan Glassm Class Before Taking Us On A Journey Through His Life

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“How much do you make?” This was the first question that guest speaker Dan Glassman proposed to the class before taking us on a journey through his life. In the traditional sense this question would have been in reference to one’s salary or wages, but on that day the speaker was heading in a different direction. Dan Glassman, an accidental lawyer and recent widower, had walked into our classroom with one purpose, and that was to instill in a group of college seniors a value that he had gained through the life of his late wife. Just as his wife had to him, Glassman proposed this value in the form of a question, “How much of a difference will you make in the lives of others?” With just a semester lying ahead of me before commencement the thoughts of what was to come haunted me. Will I get into law school? Will I have to find a job? What is the average starting salary for a woman in my field and level of education? But here I was staring at a man who had mastered his craft, earned his wealth, and yet to him none of this was important. It was then that the questions that had consumed me for so long began to change. How can I make a difference in the lives of others through my field of study? Which law school will equip me with the necessary skills and first hand experiences to create an impact within my field?
As a fourth year Sport Management major I’ve spent the last four years planning to study law after undergrad, with the pursuit of serving as chief legal officer for an NFL…

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