Guerrilla P. R. 2.1 Review

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After reading the first two chapter of Guerrilla P.R. 2.0, I learnt something new about PR, some of the points in the book are extremely helpful and think worthy.

For example, from p19- p21, the author talked about contraction and expansion. He mentioned that all media are looking for ways to increase the bottom line, which is interesting, because to my understanding, the modern PR research strives to deliver evidence that the bottom line has been enhanced by practitioner’s activities. Also, the data shows that we absorb more information while understand less than ever before, because know the goal of media is not to deliver the truth, but to keep the audience tuned in. It reminds me of a news three years ago.

I was still in China at that
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Or, in the other word, it is a group of people who own the similar opinion and attitude on a subject. So, to my understanding, the main purpose of public relation is to preserve, defend, and enhance the health and vitality of the organization, and the only way to achieve this goal is to make the corporation “relate” to the public. So, under this situation, on the one hand, stand on the side of the publics, the goal of PR is to increase the public confidence, even if the modern corporations are truly beneficial to society, they need someone to post the information to the public, and the one should be convincing so that the public will believe it and then trust the corporations. On the other hand, stand on the side of the corporations themselves, the goal of PR is to improve the internal operations, in order to enhance the health and vitality of the organization, the regulation inside is important to be ensured. And the bridge which helps the communication between the public and the corporations is the media, just like the author said in the book, in PR, we use the media as the vehicle, but the landscape we traverse is contoured by human …show more content…
In the reading, the responsible PR practitioner looks like a low-key person who has nothing special that will attract the public’s attention. However, the book said at the same time that in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. At first, I felt confused because those two theories seem conflict, however, after I took some time to think about them, they all make sense. I suppose that the author wants to tell us that in order to become a good PR practitioner that can attract more clients, it is important to distinguish yourself from the one who is ordinary and common, if your clients can find “you” everywhere with a low price, then “you” can never succeed, you have to show your uniqueness and let everyone else notice it. However, after you were actually hired by a client, it is time for you to hide behind your client and support him/her quietly, do not show off yourself in front of the public, it will hurt both you and your

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