Guerilla Government Case Study

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Guerilla government refers to people who engage in an irregular warfare as members of an independent unit. Such individuals engage in dissent because they are unhappy with the actions that of the government. There are several ways through which guerilla government actor’s actions can be mitigated. The first avenue is to create or cultivate an organizational culture that accepts, welcomes and encourages dissent within the organization. That includes allowing staff to challenge the actions and assumptions of the organization. In doing so, dissent can help in generating multiple options that the organization had not considered before. Encouragement of differences in opinions by employees cultivates an atmosphere that eliminates or discourages …show more content…
Informal organization includes things that are not outlined in the formal structure of an organization. These could be documents that are not found in the constitutional documents of the organization or they could involve how organizations have learned how to deal with challenges, may they be external or internal. The number four strategy involves managers separating people from the actual problem. Managers must pay attention to the message and not necessarily the messenger because valid information could be delivered the wrong by the dissenter. Understanding the dissenter’s point of view demonstrates respect for people and whether there is agreement or disagreement on the issue, at least people feel that they been heard and listened to. Creating multiple channels for dissent is a strategy that enables employees to freely express their views and disagreements could be channeled into things that are productive. Otherwise, if dissent is not channeled out, it could cause more resentment in an organization. The chief of corrections in Tennessee once advised that, talking to employees individually or in groups, and understanding their jobs, frustrations as well as their motivations is vital. After all, they are the number one asset of an …show more content…
Ethics can either be descriptive or normative. Normative ethics is concerned with what should be or ought to be done. Descriptive ethics on the other hand refers to the analysis or the application of it in action. Administrative ethics closely relates to the social and cultural context in which it functions, that is, it operates primarily from two worldviews. These approaches are modernity and post modernity worldviews. Modernity refers to the social, cultural and economic changes that are associated with industrialized and urbanized societies. Post modernity refers to a world that has evolved due to science and does not readily accept old assumptions that were once seen as being absolute and final.
Modernity had three profound impacts in the field of public administration. The first one was the separation of politics from administration in attempt to achieve efficiency in delivering public goods and services. The second impact was separating the role of the public administrator from the role of the citizen because they serve the public and are members of the public that they serve. The third thing that came up as a result of modernity was that public administrators became managers of

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