Guard Globalization Analysis

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Global Campus Auckland Graduate Diploma in Business Management Course: IBS690- International business Name: Hemanth Kumar Potluri ID: 13467580 Semester 1, 2015 Assessment 1 Submitting Essay On Guarded Globalisation

The world is “globalized”. Over the last two decades, global flows of foreign direct investment have more than doubled relative to GDP. According to Angus Madison, the post- Second World War era delivered the best 60 years in world history. During this period, globalization powered world prosperity, with trade and investment growing much faster than other components of the world economy. So there was lot of chances for the countries like New Zealand which are growing now.
Guarded Globalization
In the aftermath of the recent global recession, we’ve now entered a different phase, which Ian Bremmer call “guarded globalization” in a recent article in Harvard Business Review. Governments
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The economic and social impacts of an ageing population are already evident in some countries, and begin to have significant implications for New Zealand from 2010. These changes may also increase international demand and competition for skilled migrants. Effectively managing changes in the structure of the population will require increased attention to policies that facilitate participation in the economy from migrants and older people. More concerted attentions is needed to spell out how New Zealand will adapt policy to ensure sustainable finances to underpin the public

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