Guaranteed Shoe Company Case Analysis

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To leverage IT at Guaranteed Shoe Company both operationally and competitively, it is virtual to zero in on the most effective ways to make this company stand out using the latest technology processes.
Guaranteed Shoe Company operates all over the world, with its headquarters here in the US. In addition to that the company has 20 branch offices. Shoe Guarantee company operates in malls and also online with a selection for both women and men shoes. In order to reach a larger market it also has internet access for ordering in stores. Subsequently we will look at four IT processes that will help this business soar to higher heights.
1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
A company as big as Guarantee Shoe, needs an effective
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Nevertheless a seamless system will allow all employees to have information at their fingertips there will be a reduction in losses and when I say losses I mean once the systems are communicating efficiently orders placed both at the store and online will be delivered to customers effectively, there will be no issues of mismatched orders or lost orders. Backorders will also be clearly marked on the website .Consequently if the sales and marketing department are in sync with the finance department they are able to tally and see what customers prefer based on the sales and use that to leverage even higher …show more content…
Data gathered can also be used by upper management to determine the direction that the company is headed in terms of any profits or losses incurred. The upper management will also be able to determine what items would require more aggressive marketing by reviewing reports generated using BI tools. Aggressive sales and marketing are very important in any business BI can used to determine if the increase of sales of an item is worth the cost to aggressively market it or not

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