Growth and Development Essay

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Human life starts from a single ferlized cell. This cell is under constant interaction with the environment in the mother’s womb and after birth with the outside world. This interaction leads to the Growth and Development of the child. The increasing of an organ or limb of the baby, in size and weight is Growth. Division of each cell and their growing into thousands in number, or their changing tissues, blood or bone, is part of the process of Development.

The primary purpose of studying the growth and development of children is to understand them better. As a teacher or a parent, you, can manage children more effectively if you are aware of how they grow and develop in a systematic manner right from the moment of conception. An orderly
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Normally Growth contributes to Development. In reality though ‘Growth and Development’ are different, but they are inseparable. Generally process of Growth and Development goes on simultaneously.


Growth and Development Often used as synonymous terms. Important characteristics of a living organism. Growth refers to change in size. Development implies overall changes in the individual. The process of Growth and Development goes on simultaneously.
After going through the meaning and concept of growth and development, now we are going to identify the relationship between the two, which are as follows: The term growth is used in purely physical sense. It generally refers to an increase in size, length, height and weight. Changes in the quantitative aspects come into the domain of growth. Development implies overall changes in shape, form or structure resulting in improved working or functioning. It indicates the changes in the quality or character rather than in quantitative aspects. Growth is one of the parts of developmental process. In a strict sense, development in its quantitative aspect is termed as growth. Development is a wider and comprehensive term. It refers to overall changes in the individual. Growth describes the changes which take place in particular aspects of the body and behaviour of an organism.

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