Essay Growth Mindset : The Mystery Of Success

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Growth Mindset: The Mystery of Success Fixed mindset is negative self-talk, a belief that one will not improve or change. Growth mindset is the belief that improvement and change may occur. The people who have a growth mindset believe that they are not perfect; they made a mistake and they learned from it. I am a person with a growth mindset. I never lose hope, never give up, and I always try to do my best. I believe that one day my hard work will help me to become successful. I grew up in a small country name Bangladesh. We did not have the opportunity to get a good education. In our country the education system was deficient. In spite of that, I tried my best. Our curriculum was in Bengali, which why I did not have the opportunity to learn English properly. When I came to the U.S.A in 2012, it became a big challenge for me to get into college. Though at first I was scared, my growth mindset helped me to overcome my fear and I got into college. Then I started learning English and tried to improve my speaking and writing ability. When it comes to ENGL 1302 class, at first I was very nervous, but I was optimistic. I know that I will make lots of mistakes and I have to struggle to write papers, but I can face these challenges and I can learn a lot. Finally, my thoughts are turning into reality, I am learning a lot from my ENGL 1302 class. Before joining this class, I was scared to write papers. Now I have learned how to do research properly, how to find academic sources, how…

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