Growing Up With Catholic Education Essay

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Growing up with catholic education, I was primarily taught the importance of reading and writing. The generic hamburger 5-paragraph essay format was on our 10 commandments of writing and so was the idea of a minimum 6-8 sentences per paragraph. Entering high school English class, I found myself in a different situation than most typical high school students. My school offered International Baccalaureate English classes; these classes were structured differently than that of AP or Standard English. In this class, we were left to fend on our own. Our instructor was only allowed to analyze and give feedback on the structure of our essay as opposed to the content within. We as students were sort of like Brian in the novel Hatchet, brought into an unknown place and forced to fend for our own, learning to adapt for our own survival. Our creative juices were never allowed to flow and we were stuck focusing on irrelevant things such as timed essays that prioritized getting ideas on the paper with no regards to creativity. Sitting in high school English every E period, I would often hear the phrase “you have to learn how to do things yourself, because there will be no one that’s going to help you in college” come out of my instructors mouth. As a result, when the time came for me to walk into my first day of 112, I was unaware of what horrors I would be confronted with for the semester. As we began talking about our individual pivotal places, I began to see signs that my high…

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