Essay about Growing Up White : A White Neighborhood Formed Me

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Growing Up White:
How living in a white neighborhood formed me

I grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois. It is a village of 75,000 people located forty-five minutes north west of Chicago. Race was never an issue in my life. I never felt racially profiled, and never been judged for being white. Race is not something I am confident in talking about, and is not something I am comfortable discussing. I attended Rolling Meadows High School where twenty-five percent of the students are Hispanic, and that was my first real experience with different cultures, and different races. Growing up in a white community, a lot is different in my day-to-day life that I do not understand, and frankly, do not know about what it feels to grow up beautiful. I have always wanted to see race as a topic of discussion, and nothing more. I hope to see race fade away and be something we recognize, but not divide over. Something I can express to others, and be able to sympathize with those who may not have grown up the same way I did. Being white, I have a hard time understanding where minorities come from when they discuss their hardships, and talk to me about how I am lucky to be white. Race has always been in my life, just on the backburner, not in the spotlight. On September 26, 1899, my Great-Grandpa immigrated to America from Umea, Sweden. He traveled the United States trying to find a place to settle and start a family. He chose a community called Andersonville in Chicago, Illinois.…

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