Essay Growing Up Sig : A True Warrior

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Growing up Sig wasn 't easy. Still isn 't. But it 's worth it.

And Dr.Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose probably wouldn 't have it any other way.

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It 's never easy being a ChiroKid. Try being the son of a Chiropractic legend. You put up with a lot of shit. You 're given a lot of shit. Let 's just say, there is a lot of shit.

From defending your parents, defending Chiropractic to defending yourself to your parents. A ChiroKid is a true warrior.

Carey Sigafoose is a Warrior

He 'd have to be to grow up the son of this man.

After years of battles with his own soul and his namesake, Carey Sigafoose is on a mission to serve Chiropractic and preserve his father 's legacy.

Dr. Carey Sigafoose is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose and one of 8 chiropractors spawning two generations, if you include extended family, there are 12 of us and a 3rd generation is entering college now. A graduate of University of Florida and Life University he started practicing in Baltimore, Maryland in 1997. In 2011 he took a sabbatical and moved to Cape Cod Massachusetts and then took off to travel through Central and South America for a year, adding the 6th of 7 continents in which he has traveled to.

Something draws you to Carey. Yes, it might be his last name. Yes, it might be the strong resemblance to his father. And yes he probably knows it. But, there is something else, so charming and so wise about this man - you just want to know…

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