Growing Up Of A Western Parent Essay example

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Growing up I was raised by one parent which was my mother. She has four kids in total and she practically did everything on her own for us. For me specifically, I would describe her as a western parent. She wasn’t strict such as, I didn’t have to be home at a certain time or I didn’t have to make my bed up before I left for school. I knew what to do and what not to do. I knew not to get into the car with strangers. I knew not to disrespect my teachers in school. She was very supportive of our decisions and was proud of anything we were trying to accomplish on our own growing up. I’ll also describe her as a western parent because she asked how I felt. She asked if I was happy or sad and she wanted to know the reasons why. She knows I worked and try my best because I would bring home my report card or progress reports and she will see the grades that I get, also the teachers comments on them as well. For example, the teachers would comment and say “I am an excellent worker”, “I’m very smart”, or even “I enjoy having this student in my class.” If I was to have an “B” she would still consider that as an “A” because she knows the effort that I put in. If I was to have an “C” or an “D” or even an “F” she would have some concerns but nothing to the extreme where I am going to be punished. She would not downgrade me and call me petty names such as lazy or stupid but she would just encourage me and uplift me to do better and work harder at what I am doing. How a child will behave…

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