Growing Up My Parents Always Told Me Essay

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Growing up my parents always told me, “to be successful, you have to work for what you want.” These words have always stuck in my head because I’ve seen how hard my parents worked to give my brother and I the life we have.

My parents, who are originally from China had a rough upbringing. During their childhood, they had to work in order to support themselves and their families. They had little education and the opportunities to grow and to become successful were scarce. Knowing that staying in an environment that did not allow for any growth was not a good option, they decided to leave.

As many individuals of Asian descent, my parents immigrated to the west. The country they saw an opportunity in was Colombia. Now, Colombia is not a developed country, nor does it have tremendous growth opportunities; however, the Colombian population is far less than that of China. Since there were less people, it was not as tough to obtain a job or start a business.

Even though moving to Colombia was the right choice for my parents, they had to face many difficulties. First of all, having to speak a completely different language. Spanish and Chinese are languages with no common origin, which meant they had to learn a whole new language from the beginning. The second difficulty was leaving most of their family in China. Leaving one’s family is tough because one has to step out of their comfort zone, and create new relationships in order to not feel alone. Luckily, people in the area…

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