Essay about Growing Up Into The Bronx Of The 1970 ' S

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Growing up in the Bronx in the 1970’s could have seem a little harsh. With many gang and crime activity it was not a pretty place to be in, Especially in the southern portion of the Bronx, which saw a drastic decline in its population. For some people it looked very much like a ghost town, with many abandoned skyscrapers and closed down shops. Overall the people lived in treacherous house conditions, and had a poor quality of life. This is where Kim Rivers, Raised by his mother and father, grew up to be a single child. He grew up in a one bedroom one bathroom single family home. As a single kid Rivers didn 't have much growing up, with his family almost below poverty level. There wasn 't much around for rivers to do, until His father introduced him to sports. Rivers found sports to be very interesting and decided to signed up for different park leagues. Every week his father would take him to shoot around at a basketball court two blocks away from his house. That 's where his father started teaching him the basics of basketball, from knowing the rules, to learning how to dribble the basketball. As years went by Rivers knowledge for basketball started getting better, and eventually he went on to play for his high school basketball team. Even though his basketball team was one of the top schools in New York, rivers didn 't manage to get any scholarship offers from colleges. After high school he decided to attend a private college located in Missouri, known as William jewel…

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