Growing Up In The 1990s Vs Growing Up In The 2010s Essay

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Throughout history every generation has been different from the next, and every child is raised knowing the media and social acceptances of their own generation. Two generations that are very close to each other but are very different are the 1990s and the 2010s. The 1990s was revolutionary for its rise in multiculturalism, and also started to introduce technology in the forms of cable TV, internet, and videogames. The 2010s continues this rise in technology and multiculturalism, and has also become a decade of reality TV, online shopping, cell phones, tablets, and more inappropriate movies and music. Some comparable aspects of both generations include technology, TV shows, and music. In my opinion the 90's comes out on top as a better …show more content…
Social media sites have led to many suicides because of cyber bullying, and is filled with drama, which is why I believe FaceBook should have an age limit. If it had an age limit then it would only be adults on it, and they would use it to find long lost friends, and cyber bullying would go down a lot. As for video games, 2010s released the Wii, Xbox 360, Ps3, Nintendo Dsi/Dsi xl, Nintendo 3ds/3ds xl/ 2ds, Wii U, Xbox One, Ps4, and also customizable gaming pc's have become very popular. Although all of these systems are great and have many fun games, yet the gaming consoles have become filled with too many FPS games (First-person shooters), and I mean way too many to the point that games are focusing more on graphics and less on innovation and fun. M rated games (M for mature) are being bought by children's parents and given to the child as a gift. Now I never realize any big issues by M rated games, and know that the violence is just in the game and doesn't need to happen in real life. However when these games are given to young kids, it will affect their minds as they grow and are glued to mature rated videogames all day. The 1990s and 2010s technology have both taken huge leaps, but it appears to me that the 1990s was more casual fun, and there was no cyber bullying.

The 1990s TV shows were more family friendly orientated and did not consist of thousands of

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