Process Of Growing Up

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Growing up is not about what is wrong and what is right but it is about taking responsibility for yourself and dealing with the consequences and live your ambitions and dreams. So basically being grown up is about how you deal with situations in a mature way. Growing up is not an easy process we must all go through in life. Everyone grows mentally and physically at their own individual rates and the process between being child and being an adult, there are certain behavior and attitudes that all mature adult acquire. Attaining these behavior and characteristic can only be done through life experience and learning from mistakes. The process of grown up may never fully absolute even as adults still learn and experience things that make them wiser …show more content…
Each of them is positive. Some people, for example, thought out and prove it with your friends get drunk is an adult. This is what it means to me, if you grew up when you become affected by peer pressure. That is, you do not do things just to be accepted by others. You grew up when you have your own thoughts. That is, you think others think instead of leaving for you. You do not accept the opinions of others just because they say so. You grew up when you are fully responsible for their actions. That is, you are able to recognize not only its qualities but also its shortcomings. You are able to take responsibility when a mistake is made. You grew up when you accept that pain is part of life. That is, you do not spend their whole lives trying not to get hurt. And when you injure not begins to cry and ask why the world does this, but try to understand and learn from what happened. You grew up when you are able to learn from mistakes. You do not make the same mistakes again and again, and when you see someone, you learn from your mistakes instead of repeating (Casey Galvan, 2005). You grew up when you realize that the world is made of other people like you. That is, when someone you love hurts you? You must not, so you 're not going around hurting other people either. If everyone helps everyone around the world earn more than if everyone tries to live each for their own good. You grew up when no longer controlled by their emotions and begin to control instead. You do not get angry, scared, sad, happy, excited, etc., for the wrong reasons. You do not let unjustified insults ruin your day and do not let the unwarranted praise feel good. You grew up when you accept that one day you will die, and there will be others become extremely depressed after the death of a relative. Get over it, nobody lives forever, if you die before you or you will die before them (Durston, 2006). Finally, when you grow up you realize that

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