Growing Up Deaf : Voices From A Culture By Carol Padden And Tom Humphries

1032 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
This essay will explore challenges of growing up in different families impacted by deafness. The different possibilities include growing up deaf in a Deaf family, growing up deaf in a hearing family or growing up hearing in a Deaf family. To research this topic, I read various personal stories that people have written about their experiences growing up deaf. When growing up Deaf in Deaf families there are similar situations that many children experience during their childhood. The book, Deaf in America: Voices From a Culture by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries collected a store of reminiscences from Deaf adults about their childhoods; many told how as young children they remember the moment when they discovered they could not hear sound. Sam Supalla remembers the day he realized he was Deaf. He remembered being with his friend and thinking she was odd when her mother moved her mouth and magically the friend picked up her toys. He went home and asked his mother what was wrong with the girl; his mother explaining that she was hearing and that nearly everyone else was like that. He thought she strange and curious which is what most children from Deaf families think when they learn about hearing people. However, the child’s world was large enough with family and friends that the existence of the hearing - “others” - was not disruptive. Deaf children learn important differences when they are young such as when one wishes to say something of note about someone, terms like “Deaf”…

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