Growing Up As A Hispanic Woman Essay

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Growing up as a Hispanic woman in America, I constantly switch back and forth with which culture I identify with most. Growing up I fully embraced my American culture, but as I started to get older, I started to identify more with my Hispanic culture. Having to always choose one side, has always left me feeling guilty for not embracing the other culture. Throughout the paper, I am going to use the term Hispanic to describe my Latin origin. Hispanic can be used interchangeably with Latino, but the meaning behind Hispanic focuses on a Spanish-speaking origin.
My mother is a 2nd generation Mexican-American, and my father immigrated here when he was younger from Honduras. I grew up in a small town in Hollister, California and I grew up surrounded by many white friends. English was my first language, but I did grow up speaking conversational Spanish. I was aware about my race, but always felt like I was white, just like my friends. When I was 18 years old, I moved for college where 85% of the student population was white. I even made a joke that I was accepted to the school because they needed to admit people of color. I felt at ease being surrounded by white people, similar to the ones that I grew up with, but a part of me felt guilty for never embracing my Hispanic side. Dalmage (2013) describes how multiracial children are facing unending demands to choose a side, stake a claim, and adhere to the rules of the race that they identify with. I agree with this article because I…

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