Growing Of A Broken Home Essay

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Growing in a Broken Home At eleven years old, I truly did not know what the word divorce meant and what it could do to someone’s life. I remember my friends telling me that their parents were divorced, I would quickly reply with “Oh. There is no way my parents would ever do that!!’ Little did I know that the word divorce would become one of the most hated words in my own vocabulary. For six months, I woke up to my parents screaming and arguing. I would run down stairs, crying and begging them on my knees to not get a divorce; but soon enough the word divorce became a harsh reality, not just some word I knew that was bad. There are very few things in my life that I can say I absolutely hate, every day. But growing up in a broken home with divorced parents has been one of those most painful blessings in my life. Although my parents spilt almost nine years ago, I am still effected by the divorce, every day. Divorce can be one of the most impacting events of a pre-teenage girls life, when occurring during some of the most developmental and critical years in her life. Every day, I am faced with the lasting effects that were placed on my heart due to the effects of the divorce and my age. The separation of relationship between me and my parents, my dependency on others, and my-self-concept have radically changed due to the divorce of my parents.
Allison Holton, a daughter of “Nothing can confuse and hurt you more than your own father leaving and cheating on your family. If she…

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