Grover : The Progressive Era Essay

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Grover Cleveland

The Progressive Era was a time of change and forward movement for the country. As the United States came to such a crucial time in its history, immersing into the Gilded Age, it called upon a great leader to take the reins and control the country with an iron fist. Although many great presidents emerged during this time and it could be argued that Theodore Roosevelt or William Howard Taft were the most influential presidents, when all the facts are analyzed and considered, Grover Cleveland is obviously the most important person in this time period. Although he was never considered a great president, Grover Cleveland’s ability to combat the events during his terms and keep the country from ultimate turmoil show his strength and ability as a president. Cleveland didn’t make any completely earth shattering decisions or colossal changes to the country, but he ruled with a steady hand and set a great baseline for future Democratic leaders. Grover Cleveland was born in 1837 on March 18. His father, Richard Falley Cleveland, was a Presbyterian minister. His mother’s name was Ann Neal Cleveland. Grover Cleveland spent almost all of his early life in New York. His schooling was not always stable, as his father had to send him to an apprenticeship for two years due to financial needs, and Cleveland never received a college education (Garraty). In 1855, Cleveland decided to move west and stopped in Buffalo with his uncle, Lewis W. Allen. He was given a job there and…

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