Groupon Hong Kong Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The advertisement on product and service posted on the fan page are totally same to the one on the website of Groupon, which no extra discount or gift were given to Facebook followers, this will discourage them to pay attention to the fan page and reduce the effect to boost the sales of Groupon through Facebook. In the fan page of Groupon, it is common for the company to use poster style to advertise the product or service, only 1 poster with photos and description will be used for each of them, no more creation or promotion will be done on the same product or service, this cannot continuously remind the audience about what Groupon have and what special thing is Groupon offering, which finally bring the followers away from the fan page to the website only.

To conclude, the fan page of Groupon is ineffective to build relation and positive image among its followers, causing a failure in boosting sales and popularity of the page.

Appendix 2 (Groupon):
Groupon’s fan page:

Figure1: the reason why Groupon fan page earn many like ($50 coupon)

Figure 2: few likes on each of the post

Figure 3: decreasing likes from 2012

Figure 4: main message of

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