Group Therapy Case Study

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Eric is a young man who was born in a small town in the Midwest. When he was still in high school, his dream was to one day own a farm, once he graduated he fulfilled his dream and enjoyed his life, taking great pleasure in his work. Sadly, one day a horrific accident occurred while harvesting in the fields, he was rushed to the nearest hospital, the doctors saved Eric’s life but were forced to amputate his legs, leaving him confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he is always in pain from the wounds inflicted; he is on medication that partially helps his condition. However he is not happy with his current state of living, he misses the work on the farm and is most likely feels worthless because of the loss of his …show more content…
Because of his wheelchair he is no longer able to do normal activities, more than likely spending less time with friends. As a result, he is feeling alone. Thus group therapy would benefit Eric. As he would realize he is not alone in his feelings and other people, go through similar things. An additional option I would suggest is to spend more time with friends or family that care about him, so he would understand that he is still wanted and loved even though he is now in a wheelchair.
With the cognitive-behavioral approach to treatment, Eric would focus on his way of thinking, “it seeks to make people aware of their irrational negative thinking and replace it with new ways of thinking.” (Exploring Psychology 556). Eric often feels like his life is pointless to live, for him to feel better he must replace those negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones. For example, every time he believes he is not needed or his life does not serve a purpose, I would remind him of everything good about his life, and everything he loves to
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This type of treatment is best to deal with Eric’s depression because he needs to be accepted and needs to know that he is not crazy to feel sadness and that it is very normal. Eric had decided that he wants to end it all; Eric needs to accept himself for who he is, and that his life is still worth living. “The humanistic perspective emphasized people’s inherent potential for self-fulfillment.”(Exploring Psychology 548.) One other crucial thing Eric needs to process is that even though he is in a wheelchair he can still be the best he can be, a wheelchair, does not define or confine him to solitude and

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