Group Review: Learning Styles And Learning Theories

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Question 1
I think overall our group deserves an 8/10. In my opinion our group started rather slowly and grew one by one. After receiving an initial email from Alyssa introducing herself we exchanged a few emails getting to know each other and opening the lines of communication. During the exchange Alyssa and I discussed which topics we were interested in and we were both interested in the topic of Learning Styles and Learning Theories, together we decided on researching Learning Styles. (Wiki group 7, 2016) After this Samantha joined our group, offering opinions when needed, and finally James joined thus completing our group. James offered very little assistance and communication within this assessment, and I feel this is where we would lose
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In the Prezi I completed the introduction and covered the area of Kinaesthetic learning. I constructed the table on Wiki to visually represent what our subheadings and topics were to reduce confusion, as we had double ups of topics where it would be repeating previous information which I had brought to the attention of other members of our team.
Throughout researching Kinaesthetic learning, I attempted to discuss with my team my thoughts and understanding of the subjects to which Alyssa replied with her own findings and thoughts on the topics (Wiki group 7, 2016). To research Kinaesthetic learning, I utilised the internet, along with textbooks I have at home and informational resources I have access to at work. I felt I took on a partial leader role as I kept trying to initiate communication between all members of the team via wiki page as well as email. I was also the one to email our ELA to query any questions and concerns we had about the assessment. When we experienced problems with our wiki page I rang the Swinburne support staff to get the problem resolved. Alyssa and I discussed the allocation and topics each person would complete, and discussed when we ran into the problem of doubling up information. As James came in towards the end of the assessment, after we had already divided the assessment, we attempted to discuss with him that he would do one learning style as all other tasks were assigned. When it was time to commence the Prezi, Alyssa set the presentation up and we all put in our information, I feel Alyssa and I had equal contributions on this assessment with Samantha inputting often to help but with limited input from James as he felt it was unnecessary to have draft deadlines. With all the contributions I made towards the group I feel that I proved myself to be a positive team leader and able to work well in a team in an online

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