First Journal Of A Group Reflection

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In this journal reflection I focus on some insight of first Journal Entry Number 1, the group facilitates process, on learning materials and where do I see myself being successful in this course. In first journal I stated I like the idea that you create a positive learning environment in the classroom because, it allows me to feel comfortable, safe and engaged. Therefore, how this will relate and what I take from it; during I will work with group I have to work on creating opportunities for groups to let everyone in groups engaged in the process. In addition, in groups’ conversation I will give people a chance to process and then allow them to respond . I think I have to aware of that it 's okay with silent, because people in groups are coming …show more content…
Therefore, in the group I facilitate there might be a people those who need some time to process and space to get courage to say something . Last week during you are modeling you asks a question to the group and it was a silent for a couple of second. Then you explain the reason you allow a silence that you are giving time to process the question. Moreover, I have to develop on asking good follow-up question to the groups’ participants. The follow-up question will encourage groups to share more in-depth and encourage others in groups to participate . As I mentioned on above sentence people from different backgrounds, some people like to answer right away every question I ask some are not. Therefore, to balance group process during I have to learn how to thank a person who answer question and I will turn to the quiet group member and ask what is their opinion, and their concerns. I think each proper follow-up question I will ask will increase the potential that all groups’ members will engage and feel …show more content…
In my present time I have learnt that how you open groups. In my opening session I have to create activities to engage groups, I also have to build the rapport and trust between groups and myself. How do I build? I asking question and promoting groups to let them tell me what they expect about confidentiality and informed consent. In addition, during groups counselling I have to work in-depth in identifying individual’s group interest and facilitates the groups to work on their interest. Having saying this, I will clearly explain to the group there are a chance I might legally force to share if I notice that anyone in a groups willing to harm himself or herself or willing to harm others. Moreover, as you have done during modeling demonstration I have to present myself physically, emotionally, psychologically and professionally available with empathy toward groups’ issues. Moreover, I feel skills is not something I grasp overnight change it will require dedication, open-minded, willing to learn, participation and allow myself to admit my area of weakness and work on to

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