Group Reflection Analysis

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The name of my group’s presentation is called “LGBTQ: Through a Cultural Lens”. The purpose of my group’s presentation is to explain the intersectionality of race, religion, and sexuality and its implications on the individual. To be specific, my group will concentrate on the implications that come with being LGBTQ and Muslim or LGBTQ and Latino(a). The work for this presentation was evenly divided among each member of the group. Victoria Eichenlaub and Katie Zurita worked on both the definition and history of the issue we were to discuss. Anai Galindo worked on the socioeconomic context of the issue. Gisell worked on how to address the issue outside of social work, and Yuriria Martinez worked on how to address the issue in a macropractice setting. Finally, I worked on how social workers can aid LGBTQ clients who face issues with intersectionality.
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Social workers must understand the impact gender roles and family norms has on the discrimination LGBTQ client’s face (Nadal, Davidoff, Davis, Wong, Marshall, and McKenzie, 2015, p. 12). Social workers must also consider current hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ community and how it is affecting their client. Social workers must be willing to advocate for their LGBTQ clients, and demand for equal treatment and rights for their clients. Social workers must research and learn more about the LGBTQ community in order to effectively work with their clients, they can even conduct ethnographic interviews. In an ethnographic interview, the LGBTQ client can become the social worker’s cultural guide and the social worker becomes the learner. An ethnographic interview gives the social worker a better understanding of how it is to be LGBTQ and of another subordinate

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