Group Process And Content Essay

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Group Process and Content According to Gladding and Binkley (2007), group process consists of the “way in which information is handled” (p. 1). To elaborate, group process concerns all the actions and occurrences that take place during the duration of a group’s life. In contrast, content concerns the topics, facts and information group members will discuss during these particular sessions. Group members will handle and respond differently to the information presented during group. For instance, a group leader may present content about body image or substance abuse which will result in some members handling the content in a positive and optimistic way. Whereas other members may withdraw, become silent and refuse to participate in processing the content. In addition, group members may try to avoid engaging the content by distancing themselves or by monopolizing the group’s time by telling stories not relating to the content. Whether member’s words and/or mannerisms are open or resistant, each member’s reaction to the content is a part of the process. “When process and content are out of balance, a group may not function well and its members may become disappointed or disillusioned” (Gladding and Binkley, 2007, p. 1). Therefore, group leaders will best benefit if they are open in their approach and creative in selecting the content for members to process. Initially, most members are not open to or are uncomfortable with the idea of self-expression. To address this,…

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