Essay on `` Group Minds `` By Doris Lessing

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We, as humans, like to believe that we always stand out in a crowd and never conform to please society. This freedom to be an individual is held to a higher degree than most of our other freedoms. Humans believe that we always use this freedom to speak our opinions and rarely admit to changing our views to comply with a group. As much as we deny that we don’t, it seems that more often than not, we follow the crowd. In her article “Group Minds”, Doris Lessing was on the right track when she described how humans stand for choice and individualism, but when faced with the situation, most tend to fall in line with the majority.
The title of Lessing’s article speaks for itself, as it is no longer just our own mind that is making a decision, but it is a group mind. The components of the group mind consist not only of our individual beliefs but society’s too. Humans seek people that we can form connections with and those people become the most influential members of the group mind. In all aspects of our life, whether it be at home, school, or work, we pursue people who have similar interests as us. As a result of this, humans tend to fall into the trap of trying to please the crowd instead of being true to themselves. Consequently, we allow the other’s input to affect our decisions. Instead of focusing on how the decision will affect us, we start focusing on what the group will say about us. In a study conducted to test human group behaviors, the administers of the test found,…

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