Essay on `` Group Minds `` By Doris Lessing

825 Words Mar 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Human beings are born naturally dependent upon one another. Doris Lessing’s essay “Group Minds”, demonstrates the various ways of how people’s individuality is affected by group pressure and that it is human nature to want to belong to a group. Humans, especially those in Western societies do not like to be alone, but rather enjoy being part of a like-minded group. In her essay, Lessing talks about the view most people of Western society have about individuality. She says that people are put in uncomfortable situations due to the urge to belong to groups. She also talks about the fact that we have plenty of information about ourselves, but we fail to use that information to improve ourselves. Once we realize exactly how groups control our lives, we can then begin to examine how to build group minds that promote individualism and the betterment of our society. Lessing’s essay was accurate and could be successful in making people aware of the habit of thinking with a group. In a society of constant grouping and organizing, our relentless need to be accepted keeps us from holding on to our own individuality. Our society believes that people are free individuals who think and speak for themselves every day, but that is not true because people are unconsciously influenced by groups continuously. Any relationship of two or more people with similar views and opinions is the perfect example of how easily and unknowingly groups are formed. People like to think of their selves as…

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