Group Exercise Class Exercise Classes Essay

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In today 's world, fitness for some is a lifestyle, but for others, it can be considered a chore. Does it have to be? Are you one of those people who have tried every group exercise class but have had little to no success? I love doing group exercise classes! The group of people that I work with are amazing. The great thing about group exercise classes is that it can feel like a fun family environment for you to work out with. You have other people doing similar workouts and they can help push you as much as you want to get better. The problem with group exercise classes is it can be easy to get lost in the crowd and slack off a bit. Not saying that you do of course!
As much as I love group exercise classes, my passion is personal training! When I am working with someone, their goals are my goals. If you have worked with me before, I do not take fitness lightly! This is why they call it personal training! Personal training is a relationship. The 2 of you need to meet each other in the middle in order to become successful!
11 Life Changing Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer
1. Accountability
Being accountable is at the top of the list for a reason! The reason why you have chosen a personal trainer is to make sure you are put in the best situation to be successful. Accountability is not just on the trainer, it is on you too! As a team, you need to set a time that works best for you, the number of times you are working out and put your best effort into what you are…

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