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In order to preserve and protecting the almost extinct animal, specialized equipment and extra expenses are required. The major reason why the almost extinct animals are dying quickly is because they are losing their habitats to human. In order to preserve the animals, the first thing we need is to create suitable habitat for each of the animal; we have to create a comfortable ecosystem where they can breed and increasing their numbers. Creating a fake habitat is not an easy task, importing plants and rocks are the easy part. The harder part is to maintain the suitable temperature, humidity, and keeping a certain level of sanitation. By keeping them in their natural habitat, the chance of their survival will rise tremendously.
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Each and every exotic animal has their own unique food, if panda likes to eat bamboo, then others such as cross river gorilla can only eats fruits and vegetables they previously ever find. By knowing each animal’s habit, we can provide them food they can eat, thus increasing their survival rate.
High-technology equipment that are needed in order to preserve the endangered animals; most of them are costing a huge amount of money. In some cases, the last animal of the endangered species might face a fertility problem. Dr. Silber (2009) claims that his study in helping human’s fertility problem also helped endangered animal, “We have performed microsurgery to restore or preserve fertility in chimpanzees, gorillas, South American bush dogs, Mexican wolves, orangutans, and Mongolian wild horses.” (Dr. Shermal J. Silber, 2009)The equipment we need is essential in order to preserve these animals. In some cases, we can breed them by insemination, the method we use to breed cows and sheep. But in is extremely difficult to know the success ratio of the method, because some of the animals we found already in a weak state. While helping the animals by make them able to breed are important, but the main objective remains in preserving the animal and that also mean we are

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