Group Dynamics Essay

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HBR Application Paper #3
Ann Maugherman
MGT 532; MSM 299
Dr. David Losey
June 30, 2011

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Factor four includes educating current employees on how to build strong relations through effective communication and conflict resolution. Factor five is supporting a sense of community within the entire organization. Employees are more likely to reach out and share knowledge when a sense of community exists (Erickson & Gratton, 2007). The last three factors essential for team collaboration occur in the initial start up phase of any team. Factor six is assigning a team lead or team manager that is both task and

relationship oriented. The best managers are those who can balance the task and the people best. Factor seven involves selecting team members who are not total strangers. Employees are more willing to share knowledge with someone whom they are familiar. The last factor essential for team collaboration is defining roles for everyone involved and giving them a little slack to achieve those assignments.

Significance to Organizational Behavior

Team collaboration is essential to organizational behavior. In today’s advancing world of technology and network access, organizations are dealing with large amounts of growth and advancement. Organizations are experiencing new problems and challenges that are not easily solved by one or two individuals or even departments. Collaborative teams are needed to deal with new product development, customer satisfaction, and market

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