Group Dynamics Of The Tower Essay examples

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This week’s group dynamics class had us outside the “fishbowl” observing the other group. We were to make observations while the other group is attempting to build a tower which needed to be freestanding without any sort of support for a given time. I believe the length of time was about a minute, but then that is pretty long, and so, I am unsure as I can’t remember. Another crucial aspect was that the tower was to be built out of raw spaghetti and marshmallows. In terms of group dynamics and communication, I observed that those who can be described as “unafraid to speak” or the opposite of “shy, dominant” are involved and communicating with other dominant people in building the tower. In other words, members were seen to communicate with others most like them in terms of communication style, this and/or those they consider friends or they are found talking to during class. Therefore, as such, the same can be said for those who are seen as shy.
With regards to how I felt about what I was witnessing with the group, I just remember thinking, “with all that both groups have been learning in group dynamics, including becoming aware of the interaction or in some cases, the lack thereof between group members, in an attempt to change things for the better, how one could feel, that in the current situation all this was “thrown out the window” or disregarded.
This was concluded on after there was a point in which I felt like I was observing three specific individuals have sole…

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