Essay about Group Cultural Immersion Experience At The Lds

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Group Cultural Immersion Experience
Latter Day Saints (LDS; Mormon) Temple
There is a certain mystic and plenty of rumors that encompasses the Mormon religion as a whole, this is the reason for visiting the LDS Temple in Mesa, AZ. Prior to visiting the LDS Temple, even though I had heard and knew most of the myths about the LDS religion were false, such as polygamy, I did have one. The preconceived idea which I had was that only a select few where allowed to go in, or even seen inside the main Temple, that is, only those who held a high position in the church. However, I went with an open mind to allow myself to get a better understanding of the Mormon beliefs and values. After arriving at the Temple, we went to the visitors’ center, everyone there were extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions that we had. I found that the cultural attributes of the LDS was no different than that of other religions, the belief in God, to spread his word, and help others to follow the scripture. There was a sense of family among those individuals at the visitor’s center. This is where I found out that my preconceived idea about the admittance and viewing of the Temple was incorrect, any LDS member is allowed to worship inside the Temple if they have obtained a Temple recommend, a card signed by a church leader certifying their good standing within the church, it takes approximately one year of being in good standings with the church in order to obtain this particular card. As…

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