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The Meatpacking Factory is a case study involving the decision of a factory manager to let his Muslim workers observe their faith by taking breaks at sunrise and sundown during their holy month of Ramadan. James Windham, the factory manager, thought their request was well warranted and felt he should be considerate of the religious beliefs of his employees. There are about 100 Muslim workers which represents 20% of the employee population at the factory. To Windham’s dismay, the breaks began having a significantly negative affect on productivity due to the ever shifting sunset and sundown times. Trying to accommodate a constantly changing schedule left Windham struggling to nail down a
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Windham may have to change his break policy. However, it is also possible he may be able to create enough new sales to have extra workers on shift during the Ramadan season. Mr. Windham needs to ensure initial anti-discrimination training for his company, and implement annual training on importance of cultural diversity.

PROBLEM 3: When the manager of JBS and Company agreed to allow his Muslim employees to take breaks during the month of Ramadan he did not realize the implications his decision would cause on the overall productivity of his organization; inadvertently, this lead to the problem of the factory’s loss of momentum and productivity. The reasons why this problem occurred without Mr. Windham realizing it were simple. First, he did not educate himself on fully understanding the Muslim religion and the unpredictability of prayer breaks the employees would need and how they would affect momentum in the factory. Second, he did not adequately research the present Federal Government and Human Resource guidelines already in place to address the topic of religious observation in the workplace. By doing this he failed to realize how the remainder of his employees would react to such what many would consider a blatant act of favoritism. Their reaction was to lessen their productivity levels because they did not receive the same treatment. In order to maintain the organization’s credibility and prevent the problem of productivity losses Mr. Windham should

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