Essay on Groundwater Samples For The Isotopic And Geochronologic Data

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In addition to the isotopic and geochronologic data which were collected from various published sources, groundwater samples for Cl-36 dating were collected in the Egyptian part from Siwa area, surroundings, Qattara Depression, west Farafra and north Behariya by the author. Two 750-ml polyethylene bottles of each sample were filled for Cl-36 analysis. The collected samples were prepared for accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) analysis of 36Cl by precipitation and purification of AgCl. Chlorine-36 was measured at the PRIME laboratory of Purdue University (Elmore and Phillips, 1987).

Figure 2 shows the locations of the isotopic (δ2H and δ18O) data which were used in the current study and plotted along the global meteoric water line (GMWL) of Craig (1961) (Fig. 3), that shows the direct relationship between the hydrogen and oxygen isotopic compositions of precipitation samples as δ2H = 8 δ18O + 10. The current and published ages data of Kr-81, Cl-36, and C-14 were listed in Table 1–3 and presented in Figure 5.

Hydrogen and Oxygen isotope data are reported in terms of the conventional delta (δ) notation, in units of per mil (‰) deviation relative to a reverence standard,
Where δ(‰) = X 103 Eq. 1 and R = 2H/1H or 18O/16O and the standard is Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW, Coplen, 1996). The isotopic signatures for the different areas are discussed as below:…

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