How Did The Gropius Influence The Bauhaus Movement

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Gropius and the Bauhaus “The Bauhaus was not an institution with a clear program- it was an idea… The fact that it was an idea, I think, is the cause of this enormous influence the Bauhaus had on every progressive school around the globe. You cannot do that with organization, you cannot do that with propaganda. Only an idea spreads so far." This powerful quote from Mies van der Rohe perfectly describes the importance of the Bauhaus movement and the work of Walter Gropius. In a time where technology and necessities for the modern man triggered an architectural revolution, Gropius and the Bauhaus movement became key elements in the progression of modernism.
In a time of turmoil politically, culturally and architecturally, Gropius founded a new movement that would change the face of arts and architecture to present day. With the help of artists and sculptors that, at the time, were labeled “outcasts,” he introduced an idea that focused on bridging the world of art with the real world. More specifically, art and industrial production. An important aspect to note is that the idea behind the Bauhaus wasn’t designed only for arts and architecture. Gropius wanted to create a new way of life for the modern man. He realized everything, to this day, had to change and be redeveloped from the ground up for this to happen. As a result, the Bauhaus movement
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Gropius and his colleagues designed the curriculum around workshops that taught students a craft. Of the first workshops, Gropius appointed an artist for one workshop and a craftsman for the other.11 He was later able to terminate this separation of artist and craftsman because the evolution of the school produced men who were both artists and craftsmen. This became an integral entity of the Bauhaus for the simple fact the personalities of the school were evolving into what Gropius had envisioned; masters of both craft and

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