Grocery Gateway Essay

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Grocery Gateway

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Grocery Gateway: Customer Delivery Operations
Nature of the business: * Located in the Toronto Area, Grocery Gateway has been the largest online grocer since November 2001. They have approximately 125,000 registered consumers. These consumers shop online, picking their products from a selection of 6500 products that include dry goods, health and beauty products, alcoholic beverage, fresh produce and even frozen foods. The broad/generic industry is the food industry. The narrow product is groceries. The core product is food, the actual product is groceries delivered, and the augmented product is good customer service and convenience. Orders are to be a minimum purchase of 60$ including
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* Place: * Through its online website, grocery gateway services the Greater Toronto area, a community consisting of roughly 7 million people spread out over 3200 square km’s. In 2001, the company moved from its original location in Mississauga, to a new and bigger facility in Downsview, which is north of Toronto.
Environmental analysis:
PESTE Analysis: * Political: * Restaurant and food service inspection in Canada is done by provincial governments, municipalities or regional health authorities. They inspect facilities to verify that safe food-handling practices are being followed. Grocery gateway must adhere to Canadian legislations as well as protocols for an online company. They must ensure that their products satisfy the food standards set by health Canada. Health Canada has set standards that must be obeyed when handling, storing, packaging and serving food or edible products. Also, since they deliver beer and wine, they must ensure that they are not providing this to minors. (Health Canada, 2010), (Canadian food inspection agency, 2010), (CFIA, 2010). * Economic: * When living in urban areas there are many ways to cut down on expenses. Many people opt to use public transportation as opposed to buying a vehicle, or perhaps choose to drive something more environmentally friendly like a moped or electronic motorcycle. While practical for the city, they are

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