Grit Measures The Strength Of Character Essay examples

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Finding Grit

Grit measures the strength of character in an individual. People excel when it comes to them naturally, and others excel even though they must work for it. In my opinion, meeting the standards does not cut it. I strive to be my best, to stand out, and contribute my all. I feel the responsibility to improve myself, my school, and my community. I progress in these areas significantly through my leadership skills, the services I pursue, and my positive character.

John Quincy Adams once stated, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader”. I have been told by a number of teachers, coaches, and family that my actions and decisions have a large impact on others, as they tend to follow my example. I have never taken this responsibility lightly. An effective leader can rally others with their grit, good attitude, and determination to improve. In the classroom setting, I encourage my classmates to reach their full potential by putting forth my best piece of work. This often causes them to seek the same in an ever-present competition to succeed. During sports, I work diligently in practice and carry excitement into the game. Our team often feeds off of each other’s energy so I find it necessary to remain confident. Being a positive role model acts as an essential aspect of effective leadership and I feel I exemplify this quality. I also take pride in serving my school and community.

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