Importance Of Grievances Of Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence has and will always be an extremely important document to the United States. This document contains a list of grievances and gives an effective philosophical basis for independence. There is the thought that every man is created equal. T The Declaration of Independence played an essential role in the formation of the new colonial government by providing a philosophical basis upon which the free colonists could hold.
The philosophy behind the document is that all free citizens of the United States have a natural right to certain freedoms. Jefferson said, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
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The first best grievance is “for imposing taxes on us without our consent” (). Jefferson is referencing to the imposure of taxes from the King without consent of the colonists. This is an excellent grievance because it affects all of the colonists, not just a specific group of people such as the elites. This angered colonists because they had zero input to whether they desired the tax or not. Regardless of if they were either for or against the taxes, they had to pay the tax regardless. This showed colonists that the king still had power over them since they were technically still under british ruling. This taxation violates the concept of individual rights because it was still treating the colonists as a whole entity apart of Britain. The king was allowed to imposes rulings such as taxes on the colonists without their consent which defeats the purpose of individual rights and that is why this is an excellent grievance to include in The Declaration of …show more content…
This is because the document was written by elite free colonists so logically it would try to appeal to the free colonists needs. This document had set the basic rules for the colonists and rights given to the colonists, with exceptions. These exceptions are anyone who is not a white land owning male, such as women and slaves, was not included within these given rights and set basic rules. This expression of grievances probably appealed to the colonists the most. This gave them the voice that they desired and they were able to express all of their concerns with the higher power in an effective

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