Essay on Grief, The Emotional, Spiritual, And Psychological Journey

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Grief is an emotion we all experience in our life. Grief is the emotional response to the pain of a loss. It i s the reflection of a connection that has been broken.(Kubler& Ross 2005). Most important, grief is an emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey to healing. (Kessler & Kubler-Ross 2005). In our childhood we realize at some point we will die, and not only will we die but those around us will die someday too. This is the beginning of anticipatory grief, Fear of the unknown, the pain we will experience someday, This is the “Beginning of the End” in our minds. We operate in two worlds, the safe world that we are used to in which a loved one might die. We grieve after someone dies but we also grieve before. Anticipatory grief is just a prelude to the painful process we face, a double grief that will soon bring healing. Grief has the power to heal. (Ross 2005). There are five stages of grief, they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But there is no validity to the stages. There is no manual for grieving. (Konigsberg2011). People seem to be well programmed getting over their loss. One of the worst things to do is resist your grief .There has been research and compared widowed women to married women. It was reported that recent widowed women suffered more mental health problems than do married women. Longer –term widows whose spouse had been dead over a year earlier reported fewer problems than aged married women.…

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